As a K-Beauty cosmeceutical brand, Puriface is committed to our motto;
“Healthy Skin. Happy Life.”
Everybody deserves a better experience through a fun and enjoyable Korean skincare routine that gives you the ability to approach life with confidence.

With a ‘consumer-centric’ mindset, we put the needs of our consumers first to deliver the best products with pro-active and clinically proven ingredients to make skin healthier.


We are passionate about innovation, multi-step approach, and efficacy. Through these words that define what K-Beauty is today, we want to empower developing positive skin habits and skincare routines as a means to way of life. Coupled with this phenomenon, our ultimate focus is on wellness and health for our end users.

Healthy Skin.
Happy Life.

Is stress causing impurities on your skin? Emotions can have a negative impact on your skin. At Puriface, we are firm believers that healthy skin leads to a happy life. Our drawing board starts from identifying the root cause of these skin problems we may face on a daily basis. Life is about enjoying and having fun, why can’t your skin do the same?


Puriface products use natural, pro-active ingredients that are always cruelty-free. We strive for sustainability by eliminating waste in product development from formulation to packaging, so we can help build a better future. By being more transparent and honest in our process, we can identify the most efficient ways to do what we do in a way that is best for the environment.

Product Development Process

Step 1 Research

First we spend time researching consumer attitudes and behaviors to determine if there is demand in the market. To help us focus on the right product for the right audience, we create customer personas. Then we validate different formulation types against those personas with additional research.

Step 2 Ideation

Next we ideate formulation characteristics in relation to consumer persona preferences and skincare concerns to determine the most effective, desirable ingredients. This is the most important step as we have to also consider packaging based on the formulation.

Step 3 Prototype

Developing a prototype is the best way for us to quickly validate if the product will satisfy market demand and help us understand what we need to iterate upon for further development. We distribute samples to small testing groups of consumers that can tell us about product effectiveness, consistency and texture, reactions, fragrance, and packaging. After analyzing this survey data, if we are not satisfied with the results, we prioritize what we address based on value and impact until we are satisfied with the results and the quality of the product.

Step 4 Independent testing

In order to meet certain requirements for regulations that support the claims we make for our products, we typically hire a third party to conduct additional testing so we have the supporting data.

Step 5 Production

We work with various suppliers to bring our products to market and this is one of the most important steps as we look to find better materials and processes that are less harmful to the environment. This is an ongoing part of the product development process that we look to consistently improve as we continue to grow.